The impact of e-cigarettes on genetic material DNA

The impact of e-cigarettes on genetic material DNA
  • Jun 19, 2024
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Several studies have shown that surface e-cigarettes cause damage to DNA .

Many studies have shown that e-cigarettes can cause damage to DNA [1-2].

In 2018, Lee et al. [3] conducted a mouse experiment showing that inhaling e-cigarette smoke can damage DNA in the lungs, heart, and bladder, and can also induce the same effect on DNA in human bronchial epithelial and urothelial cells cultured in vitro.

The study covered the results of animal and human experiments and speculated that the use of e-cigarettes may lead to human lung cancer, bladder cancer, and heart disease. Chen et al. [4] conducted a mouse experiment that also proved that exposure to e-cigarettes not only has an adverse effect on maternal lung health, but also damages DNA in the lungs of offspring.

There is evidence that nicotine use by pregnant women may damage the brain development of the fetus [5].


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