AiMesh ®

Medical-Grade Nebulization Device

Atomization Principle

The vplus atomization principle is to use the medical atomization mechanism. After the high-frequency vibration of AiMesh, pressure is generated to squeeze the liquid medicine through the microporous screen to form an aerosol for human inhalation.

Medical atomization uses a nebulizer to atomize the liquid medicine into fine mist and deliver it directly to the lungs for the treatment of respiratory diseases, ensuring effective absorption of the drug, relieving symptoms, and improving lung function. This method is particularly effective for patients who have difficulty using inhalers.

  • Empowered by artificial intelligence, embedded with modern algorithms.
  • Atomization solutions lead the industry with unique artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Self-developed breakthrough AiMesh@+ polymer diaphragm drive feellife.
  • The micropores of the retina are unbreakable.

AiMesh® Features

  • Ai-empowered

    The particle size can be adjustedto the drug parameters to ensureoptimum preventive or therapeuticeffect

  • Extreme Nebulization Particle Size

    The exclusive Vplus patent allows for precise dosing and dosing while maintaining the finest atomization

  • Rust-free

    Rust-free because of good acid and corrosion resistance

  • Remains Unbreakable

    The material is bio-elastic and does not crack easilyunder vibration

AiMesh® VS General

Microporous Structure

The micropores are characterized by a plurality of annularly arranged micropores in the convex region of the central outwardly curved section. Through feellife's core technology, these micropores are combined and fixed in the curved section to form a hexagonal honeycomb structure, Medical grade assurance of high resistance to rupture and durable construction.


AiMesh adopts high polymer diaphragm to ensure high drug delivery passability and not easy to rust.

Aqueous Synthetic Nicotine Diluent Test Report

AiMesh® Patent Cooperation Treaty

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