Research advances on health risk of e-cigarettes

Research advances on health risk of e-cigarettes
  • Jun 15, 2024
  • Product/ Academy

(1.Shanghai Municipal Center for Health Promotion, Shanghai 200040, China; 2.Shanghai Association of Tobacco Control, Shanghai 200040, China; 3.Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, Shanghai 200125, China)

Since e-cigarettes enter the markets, its awareness and use have increased significantly. There are multiple harmful substances in e-cigarette liquid. Using e-cigarette may cause nicotine addiction, affect various human body systems, and even aggravate the harm of traditional tobacco.

At present, the e-cigarette market is lack of legal constraints and regulatory measures. For the individuals who attempt to use or regularly use e-cigarettes, especially teenagers, it is necessary to provide proper guidance and education.

Based on the research articles at home and abroad in recent ten years, the chemical composition of e-cigarette liquid and aerosol, individual health risk of e-cigarette use, and the risk of e-cigarette equipment were summarized, aiming to provide reference for the safety of using e-cigarettes.

Through the introduction of the composition of e-cigarette liquid and aerosol, we should guide the correct cognition of the hazards of e-cigarettes. Based on the individual health risks generated by using e-cigarette,

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